look at this picture of mark sheppard and tell me it didn’t just make your day better


He looks like a maniacal cat, scheming somebody’s doom.

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If Hell was a beverage, I think we’d drink it by the keg.
We’d sit on fishing docks with razor blades for shoes and
pretend that we knew what it meant to be loved.

If Heaven was a sport, I think we’d have a wall full of trophies
that said ‘thank you for participating, please try again’. And




#can we just stop and appreciate Harry’s face in this scene? #I mean, he’s literally waiting for someone to say something about Hermione’s blood status #she’s the only Muggleborn in the slug club full of purebloods and well known people #and Harry’s there just like “say something I dare you” #and if you look at her face, you can see the actual hesitation and somewhat fear of what will happen next after telling of her parents occupation #Harry truly is acting like Hermione’s big brother, which I absolutely love #i just adore this scene

I love that Neville looks genuinely interested in what hermione’s talking about.

Harry: I wish a mofo would talk shit right now
Say something, make my day
Das right

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"Raven what’s on your face.

It is me”


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There should be a line here, something visible that you just tripped over as you fell back onto the bed. Except the floor is clean and she’s touching your face and fighting with your shirt, trying to lift it over your head. You help her because you need to be as naked as she is, because you need…



the first step towards confidence is not being afraid to be ugly

once you get over the fear of being unattractive and stop equating beauty with other good things in life (friends, love, happiness) it’s a lot easier to love yourself unconditionally

your job is not to sit around and be pretty and easy on everyone else’s eyes

your job is to do whatever the fuck you want and look however the fuck you want while doing it

favorite favorite favorite

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Lookin’ at Sam Winchester’s wiki like



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What if it’s not Sam the mark is pushing away,but Castiel?
And Dean has to fight/kill Castiel in the end in order to make sure that when all is said and done,Sam gets to have the life/or afterlife he’s always wanted?

how about no

go sit in the corner and think about what you just did


The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys

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